COVID-19 International Organizations Videos
Coronavirus - seven steps to prevent the spread of the virus
The Safe Hands Challenge
Coronavirus: UNICEF Live Q&A
Source: UNICEF
Coronavirus outbreak... | UNICEF
Source: UNICEF
COVID-19 Indian Government Videos
Expert Advice, Stay Home Stay Safe
Experts from AIIMS, New Delhi share basic steps on hand washing
Connecting with little ones during the #COVID19 stay-in
How to manage mental health and well-being during the #COVID19 outbreak?
Meet Vaayu who clears all queries related to Coronavirus
Source: MyGov India
Know the right way to wash your hands
Source: MyGov India
Coronavirus Symptoms
Source: MyGov India
Responsible behaviour may save you & others
Declaring symptoms reflects your duty to protect others
Hygiene and basic etiquettes makes you a responsible citizen
Wash your hands regularly to protect yourself & your loved ones
Know when to practise home quarantine!
Together we can fight with #COVID19 - Amitabh Bachchan
Together we can fight with #COVID19 - Trisha
Our fight is against #COVID19, not each other!
Video on use of reusable face cover(English) Part 1
Video on use of reusable face cover(English) Part 2
COVID-19 Press and Media Videos
Nature moves into spaces left empty by Italian coronavirus quarantine
Source: Guardian News
Pregnant coronavirus patient pleads for public to stay home
Source: Guardian News
Coronavirus social distancing advice: What two metres looks like - BBC News
Source: BBC News
How staying at home can stop coronavirus - BBC News
Source: BBC News
Coronavirus: What is social distancing? - BBC News
Source: BBC News
Coronavirus: More myths to ignore - BBC News
Source: BBC News
How do I know if I have coronavirus? - BBC News
Source: BBC News
Coronavirus explained in 60 seconds - BBC News
Source: BBC News
Four ways to protect yourself from coronavirus - BBC News
Source: BBC News
Coronavirus: Why we touch our faces and how to stop it - BBC News
Source: BBC News
Coronavirus v Influenza: How do the two viruses compare? - BBC News
Source: BBC News
Can Coronavirus be contained? - BBC News
Source: BBC News
COVID-19 Science and Research Videos
Coronavirus is not the flu. It"s worse.
Source: Vox
Medical Animation explaining how Coronavirus attacks human body
What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day
How Long The COVID-19 Coronavirus Lasts On Everyday Surfaces
How To Deal With Coronavirus Anxiety According To A Therapist
Why The 2019 Novel Coronavirus Is So Hard To Stop
Johns Hopkins Univ. Experts Discuss COVID19
Videos by Individuals / Actors / Celebrities / Influencers
Ram Charan And Jr Ntr Raise Awareness About Corona Virus
Source: Shreyas Media
Mega Star Chiranjeevi & TFI Special CCC Song | Nagarjuna | Koti | Mega Prince
Source: Telugu One
Coronavirus awareness by Actor Adivi Sesh
Coronavirus awareness by Actress Eesha Rebba
Coronavirus awareness by Harsha Bhogle Indian cricket commentator and journalist
Coronavirus awareness by Actress Kajal
Coronavirus awareness by Actress Lakshmi Manchu
Coronavirus awareness by Actor Navdeep
Coronavirus awareness by Actress Niharika Konidela
Coronavirus awareness by Actor Nikhil Siddhartha
Coronavirus awareness by Actor Rahul Ravindran
Coronavirus awareness by Actress Rakul Preet Singh
Coronavirus awareness by Actor Rana Daggubati
Coronavirus awareness by Actor Sudheer Babu
Coronavirus awareness by Actress Taapsee Pannu
Coronavirus awareness by Actor Vijay Devarakonda
Coronavirus awareness by Actor Vishwaksen Naidu
Precautions, PPE, masks making etc.
DIY Homemade Mask
Source: Usha Raju
How to Make Uger Two Layered Masks (COVID-19)
Source: Jatan Sansthan
JCI Vizag Videos
COVID-19 Psychosocial Care | Emotional and Social Well Being
Source: JCI Vizag